Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sutton has 3 front teeth that broke through this last week. His two front top and one on bottom. It is so Cute! Plus I know that having teeth come in has to be really painful and he has been such an angel! I don't know how he does it. I will get pictures up of his new little buddies!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rolly Polly

YAY! Mister Button is a Rollin machine! The boy has gone crazy wild and We love it. So obviously he has been rolling for a while now doing the whole, We put him on his tummy he ends up on his back and vice versa. But now he rolls all over! He is such a fun little guy! I may be bald pretty soon seeing as he just loves to grab handfuls of my hair and pull with super strength, ahh who needs hair anyways.
He stayed with Gramma while I was in the hospital and holy cow I missed that boy. When he came home he was dressed all studly in the cutest little outfit Gramma got him. Actually he was spoiled from head to toe after being with her. She took him outside to play and on walks, they went to the mall, he had the tine of his little life. I am pretty sure he didn't even want to come home!

The only action to currently write about, sorry!

Ok- LAME! So Monday and Tuesday I was not feeling very good. Of course I thought it would just go away. By now I should know that is not how it works for me. Tuesday I got more and more sick. I thre* (my attempt to be polite) up over 20 times so by like 9:00 p.m. I figured it was time to go get help. So I went to the hospital in what I can only describe as some of the worst, most horrific pain I have had yet. The doctors took some tests, I got stabbed 8... count it... 8 times to get an IV in. So after a few hours I had a little hydration and I started to act more like a woman than a hyena. So I was supposed to drink the stuff for a cat scan- but seeing as I hadn't been able to keep even a tiny sip of water down in over 24 hours I found myself in a little pickle. So I kept drinking, waiting, saying goodbye to the drink and then waiting some more. All the while I was seriously hurting. The nurses and doctors just didn't get that fact it wasn't going to work. Anyway they ended up doing an ultra sound and found out I needed my gall bladder out. I was excited to hear that because I didn't like that guy anyway. So I waited and waited until like 3 p.m. the next day to go into surgery. There I met possibly one of the funniest doctors in my extensive doctor meeting career. He was this amazing Indian guy who was not real huge on chit chat. So as he's pounding on my stomach (the very same one that had felt like it was hosting midget battles inside) Tap here, pound there, he tells me that he's going to just look and wander around in my abdomen to my appendix and maybe take that too (who cares I don;t need him anyway). Anyway as I wandered of to dream land after telling my Mom I love her I remember thinking that of all the strange experiences I have had this one pretty much took the cake. So I woke to even more excruciating pain than I was in before, apparently they'd not given me "enough" pain medication. I heard the lady say she hadn't given me any yet. Once they shut me up and stopped my moaning they told me they'd taken my appendix and my gall bladder out. Well that is just fine because to be perfectly honest I didn't care much for either one of them! When I got home I finally got to see Sutton and he definitely was able to cheer me up! I'll put up pictures soon!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi! It is time to meet Sutton. He is almost 7 months old. He is the sweetest boy in the world and his smile lights up the room! He is definitely the little ruler of our house. Some of his favorite things to do are to read with Mommy, Daddy and Gramma. He loves riding in his horsey, singing songs, playing with his train and all sorts of other cool toys. He loves playing with his cousins Henry, Saige, and Talmage (when he gets to come into town.) Sutton is an amazing little guy. He has slept through the night since he got home from the hospital, which is a huge blessing. He is always smiling and he has such an intuitive spirit. He knows when Daddy or Mommy need some love or a smile. Lately Sutton and I have had a lot of time to spend together talking about Grandpa Barney. I know Sutton understands my feelings and the loss we are experiencing. Its amazing the little things that he does to show he loves and cares about us. From reaching out and grabbing our hands to laying his head on our shoulder for a snuggle. He always calms down and is quiet while we say Momma and Sutton prayers. I know that his little spirit knows Grandpa Barney and I know that he misses him. It has been a little while since Grandpa passed away and I have gone back and forth debating whether to put up this little poem. In those rare and peaceful moments Sutton and I spend together the impressions that I received took shape. It started off slowly at first, just by updating our family blog and writing about Grandpa a little bit. I knew I wanted to write something that came from Sutton's sweet spirit about how we felt at this incredibly hard time in our lives. So together we came up with a little poem from Sutton;
Dear Grandpa:

Our time together was short on this earth,
But I’ve felt your spirit since the day of my birth.
The second I saw your eyes gazing at me,
I knew how precious my sweet life would be.
If there was a time I didn’t see you for a day or two,
I know you called a bunch asking what you could do.
My favorite place was at the ranch in your embrace,
Looking over the meadow, your strong hands caressing my face.
I always felt like the most special person around,
But ask anyone and they’ll say that’s what they found. Grandpa, you always told me that I looked just like me,
Not Mommy or Daddy and that made me feel extra happy.
I’ll never forget the peace and strength in your arms,
I felt at home and safe from all worldly harm.
When you walked in the room everything would be bright,
I want to be like you and will try with all of my might.
The warmth of your love soothed my young soul,
Losing that warmth was beyond my control.
Momma shares her great memories about you everyday,
Like holding your hand, your bear hugs, and special things that you’d say.
I know Mommy’s sad because I can see it in her eyes,
I can hear how she misses you in the sound of her cries.
I know how I miss you; six months went far too fast
But you left a great legacy and I know it will last.
I believe without doubt although my life is so new,
I’ll feel your guidance and love in all that I do!
So even though our horse rides will have to wait for a while,
I know you’ll be waiting for me, I'll feel the warmth of your smile
Then in the moment I’m back in your embrace
We’ll know one another as we meet face to face!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A few weeks ago my father passed away. It was sudden and completely unexpected. Nothing has ever hit me so hard and in such a shock as this did. I truly felt like I had been hit by a train, I was crushed! My dad was a huge part of my everyday life. He was truly larger than life and his legacy and example will continue to guide my life. I am honored to have had the privilege and blessing to have known such a man. A man who loved everyone whole heartedly, a man who is as Christ-like as any I've ever known. I know that his reunion in Heaven is Grand and there are so many who have been waiting to be wrapped in his glorious embrace, the same embrace that always made me feel completely loved, safe, strong, and taken care of. There was no fear in the world that was not melted away by Dad's strong arms wrapped around me. I could go on forever about Dad's greatness and all he has done for me but I guess what I should say is that God called him home because it was his time to return and there is no man so worthy and prepared to meet his Father than my own Father. It is with selfishness I wish him back here, to hold me, hug me and be here with me. Selfishness that longs for the phone message "Kimberly this is your Father. I was just checking to see how you are doing. I Love you", to put my small hand in his and feel distinctively both unconditional love and mighty strength at the same time, to be wrapped in his bear hug , to have his powerful hands rest upon my head as he offers a message that God would have me hear, to look into his eyes and see how much love he has for me and that he freely gives to me. I am truly thankful for my Mom! For the strength that she carries everyday. I know this has been heart breaking for her but she is standing strong and proud as the leader of our family. Her testimony of the gosperl is what gives her this strength and she has taught that to me throughout my life. I am grateful with all my heart that I was able to share a few feelings about my dad at his funeral. I didn't know what I could possibly say to honor and do justice to such an incredible man so I decided to read a poem that I wrote for him about three years ago. The words in the poem were true at the time I wrote them and will remain true for eternity. Here it is:

When I was just a little girl, There was nothing I could not do.
All I needed was Daddy's love, And all my dreams came true.
Something made you different, I knew that all along.
A young girls Perfect Hero, Who was always brave and strong.
You mended all my scratches, and healed my wounded heart.
A knight in shining armor, You always played the part.
Now that I am older, My hero you remain.
You’re still the hero who believes in me, But there has been a change. You still take care of me when I'm hurt, And give advice to guide my soul.
But now I see it’s more than that, Without you my life just would not be whole.
Your example has replaced the armor, And leads me in all I do.
You taught me to rely on the Lord, And faith will guide me through.
You told me that God loves me, And he wants me to come home.
Christ suffered the Atonement, So I won’t have to try alone.
So how do you tell your Hero the feelings that run so deep,
When words can't possibly dictate, they just make the feelings cheap. I guess the only answer is to say the best I can,
You are the Perfect Hero, You are the Greatest Man.
So to a little girls Knight in Armor, I hope that you can see,
My love for you is endless, And my Hero you'll always be!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holy Smokes Its Been A Year!

Well Drummy and I have been married a year and wow is that crazy! We have had so many experiences and growth opportunities! We have been so blessed and felt so much love. I cant believe how fast this year has gone by. Being married to such an incredible guy has blessed my life so much everyday. I am thankful everyday for Drum and all the blessings he brings to my life! We are both tremendously grateful to family and friends who have loved, supported, and stood by us through our joys and our trials! We love you guys!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby!!

Oh my gosh We are 6 months along and time has flown! It seems like just yesterday that we found out we were going to have a baby! I am officially hugely prego! I have a serious case of Kankles... But all of the fun body changes that come along are more than worht it!!